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Since PRI’s establishment in 2008, tens of thousands of government personnel have attended our programs. We have consulted with and trained agencies from 45 states in all aspects of records management. 

Now, our GovQuest application will make it easier than ever for you to transform your records operations from overwhelmed, unsupported, and at risk of litigation, to efficient, effective, and fully compliant.  

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Information management compliance requires advanced knowledge, skills, and technology to meet the demands placed on today’s records managers. Government leaders need confidence in their organization’s public records capabilities, knowing that records requests are processed on time, and are reviewed and approved by highly trained staff. 

The challenge? Records operations are often understaffed, overwhelmed, and reliant on paper-driven, inefficient processes, increasing the risk of litigation. Media, political activists, and organized watch groups know they can target government agencies with unrealistic requests, lay the foundation for a lawsuit, and take advantage of current backlogged operations. 

From broken business processes to insufficient technology, what’s the result? 

Public records requests take too long (the #1 reason for a lawsuit).  

Records are driven in a car to the prosecutor’s office.

Reports are printed and filed in a folder.  

Fax machines are still being utilized.  

Redactions are made by hand.  

Hosted in AWS GovCloud, GovQuest conforms to CJIS requirements and eliminates your need to purchase, install, and maintain yet another software system. All you need is a login.    

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