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GovQuest – the complete web-based system from the most trusted name in police records management services, PRI Management Group.

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Tired of broken business processes and insufficient technology in your records unit?

Records operations are often understaffed, overwhelmed, and reliant on paper-driven, inefficient processes, increasing the risk of litigation.

Media, political activists, and organized watch groups know they can target police departments with unrealistic requests, lay the foundation for a lawsuit, and take advantage of current backlogged operations. 

Top 3 Reasons for Public Records Lawsuits

Taking too long to process requests.

Incorrect redaction or release of public information.

Making access to public records unnecessarily difficult.

The GOOD news… you can streamline public records requests and avoid lawsuits with GovQuest.

This isn’t just software. You aren’t just a customer. Technology is only half the equation. Business processes and software must work hand-in-hand…we make it happen.

GovQuest is a partnership with you, combining our training, tech, and process improvement services.

GovQuest combines the best public records compliance training, model business practices, and ease-of-use SaaS technology to reduce the daily burden of records requests and ensure compliance with open records law.

Hosted in AWS GovCloud, GovQuest conforms to CJIS requirements and eliminates your need to purchase, install, and maintain yet another software system.


SaaS. Nothing to maintain or install.


Redact Online


Web-based, CJIS conforming


Submit cases to court with ease


Integrated payments


Inter-agency collaboration

Streamline Your Public Records Requests with GovQuest. All you need is a login.

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Get a “no fail” system for organizing records, processing requests, redacting information, and logging all activity for audits.

GovQuest works for you.

This isn’t software. This is a “no fail” SaaS answer to public records requests from PRI.

PRI is the most trusted name in police records management services, serving more than 5,000 police agencies annually, offering workshops, training courses, and software to achieve compliance, accuracy, and cost-effective management of records and data.

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We created GovQuest to enable departments to automate the management of the open records request process, from the moment they are received to the moment they are approved for release. GovQuest replaces inefficient, manual processes with a completely web-based system.

Protect your agency from lawsuits with GovQuest.

Reduce personnel hours spent on public records requests by up to 50%

Offset the anticipated increase in requests with automated fulfillment of requests.

Significantly improve response times to requests for records.

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Avoiding the Lawsuits – How to Make Your Police Records Unit Better, Faster, and More Compliant

Top 3 Reasons for Public Records Lawsuits

Taking too long to process requests

Incorrect redaction or release of public information

Making access to public records unnecessarily difficult

Learn how to resolve the issues that make work difficult for records managers, as well as how to avoid exposure to potential lawsuits.